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The Brand

Movassi Studios


Movassi Studios is founded and created by Mona Movassi in 2021. The brand started up with a lifelong dream of owning and creating a fashion empire and legacy. The brand's core values are to create robes that not only look good but make you feel good. 

"Clothes give us power, clothes make us motivated to do what we do best- live."

If you feel good you can do anything. 

It's often said that women appreciate the small things in life; The smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning, reading a book, little "ah-ha" moments throughout the day, the smell of rain, freshly washed sheets, and of course new clothes. 

We hope that what we've created will become your new favorite piece. Something that you can look forward to receiving in the mail. Something that excites you. Something that touches your skin like no other garment ever did. Something you can create new memories in. Our goal is that one day when you make it you'll feel what Mona Movassi felt when she created her very first collection - Gratitude.

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