Imroz (امروز) / Today

Hardworking business-driven women can be successful by themselves.
They just need to feel it. 

The Imroz Collection is dedicated to those women.
The ones that never give up on their hopes and dreams. Let's start yours- Today.


Our Philosophy

There's a new female that's different from the old female. The old female was fulfilled by bearing and raising children: but the new female- is unlimited. She's no longer confined to the roles that culture or society has imposed on females. She can be, as we're seeing now, more and more, the head of state, the head of a large corporation or a small corporation, as well as a mother. She can be anything she wants. - Whatever you think you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. That's the new female. She's unstoppable. 

- Gary Zukav
NYT Bestselling Autor/ Mindvalley Summit 2021


I wanted to create something women felt sexy in, something they could slip on and feel like they could conquer the world. It's more than "just a robe" for me. It's about the feeling that the robe is giving you. 

Mona Movassi/ Founder and Creator